quick thought

What’s your secret ingredient?

(from my slush pile of half-baked thoughts; a short post while I work on my next book!)

I was watching a food show and they talked about the secret ingredient in Big Macs. I didn’t have a Big Mac until I was in my thirties, and I have maybe two a year. They’re not the greatest burger ever but they have something about them. But the secret ingredient aspect is odd when you think about it. The secret ingredient in Big Macs (or in any recipe) can’t really be secret – if it was, it couldn’t be sold. It has to be something that other people could use – it is only kept quiet to keep a monopoly on something. If you or I knew all of the ingredients in a Big Mac (which must be listed somewhere) then we could recreate it.

This got me thinking about the secret ingredients of people. What is the thing that you do that lets you do what you do well? Is it really a secret – or is it something that it might be really good to tell other people about? Can it be replicated, and if it could, would you be obligated to tell people?

Like I said in the bracket at the top – it’s a half-baked thought, but there is a thought there! What do you think? What’s your secret ingredient?

Thanks for reading!

Nathan (@DrRyder and @VivaSurvivors)