I regularly deliver seminars and webinars to researchers at UK universities. I have several I offer “off the shelf” and am happy to discuss topics for keynotes, conference sessions and training resources that help PGRs become PhDs. I work-from-home and all of my sessions are only available as webinars delivered over Zoom.

Viva Survivor

A 3-hour session exploring everything a PhD candidate needs to know and needs to do for their viva. Developed continuously since 2010, refined for Zoom delivery during the pandemic and now shared with over 7000 PGRs. This is the session I’m most proud of and what I am most often asked to deliver.

7 Reasons You’ll Pass Your Viva

An intense 1-hour session that shares the fundamental reasons why a PGR can be confident of their viva success. I created this session as a way to quickly reach researchers who needed viva support.

Final Year Focus

Final Year Focus digs into key expectations for the final year of a PhD, and what candidates can do to focus on their priorities. Questions and tools are shared, along with reflections on the PhD journey – and the next steps beyond the PhD.

10 Steps To A Great PhD

My mini-manifesto, shared advice from over a decade of experience working with postgraduate researchers. 10 Steps are the things that I think could make a real difference to someone’s PhD journey and thesis.

Want to know more?

For more details, session descriptions and learning objectives on any of these sessions, or to check my availability please get in touch.