I love interesting challenges, which is why I work as a freelance skills trainer and consultant. I work mostly with postgraduate researchers and research staff and deliver intensive training sessions designed to give lasting impact.

Areas that I focus on include:

  • viva preparation for PhD students
  • creative thinking and problem solving
  • collaboration and teamwork
  • project management
  • personal effectiveness

I use exercises and activities coupled with in-depth facilitated discussion to bring out the real learning points for all participants.


I regularly work with HEIs and postgraduate researchers on training courses for effective research skills. The PhD is the pinnacle of educational achievement, and as such demands quality training. To work with such talented people month by month is invigorating and strengthens all of the projects that I am engaged with.

I have worked with over 100 cross-disciplinary groups of researchers on research innovation exercises.

I was awarded funding under the Vitae Innovate 2010 scheme for NonZeroSum, a training resource about collaboration. The resources resulting from this project were released in May 2011 under a Creative Commons license. To find out more details about this project or to download NonZeroSum please check the NonZeroSum project page.

I started the Viva Survivors podcast in summer 2012: a free resource featuring interviews with PhD graduates where I talk to them about their research, their viva and life after the PhD. More details can be found here and here.

In January 2013 I self-published my first ebook “Fail Your Viva – Twelve Steps To Failing The PhD (And Fifty-Eight Tips For Passing)“. This is currently available exclusively on the Kindle Store. On the second day of release it reached number 1 in the College & University Education chart.


I am always looking for interesting and challenging projects to work on.
I can deliver courses to meet your requirements, and offer sessions to accommodate budgets of all sizes.The courses and services outlined on this site are a sample of what I can provide: contact me to discuss your requirements.
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