I’m an independent researcher-developer and I love to help PGRs become PhDs. I’ve delivered seminars and webinars for over a decade to PGRs all over the UK.

In 2010 I was asked to deliver a viva prep session called Viva Survivor for the first time. As of spring 2024, I have delivered this session to over 7000 PhD candidates around the UK. I’m passionate about helping PhD students be ready for their vivas.

To support this work I started Viva Survivors in 2012: a podcast sharing interviews with PhD graduates where we talk about their research, their viva and life after the PhD. In 2017 this project became a daily blog. Now on Viva Survivors I publish a new post about the viva every day, aimed at providing as much support as possible to help PGRs be ready for their vivas.

The viva is a huge focus for my work. I’m also interested in what makes people work well, how researchers can finish their PhDs and what can help a PhD journey be really fruitful. If you’d like to talk with me about what I could do to support your researchers then please get in touch.