Fail Your Viva now available via Payhip!

I’m now using Payhip as a platform where people can purchase my books. My creator page on Payhip is here, and you can go straight to finding Fail Your Viva by clicking here. My book being available on Payhip means several cool things:

  • If you have wanted to buy a copy of Fail Your Viva but couldn’t because the Kindle Store doesn’t operate where you live, now you can buy it: whoever you are, wherever you are, the book is available to you.
  • When you buy via Payhip you get access to both .mobi and .epub files, both DRM free, no restrictions of any kind on what device you read them on.
  • There is a permanent 10% discount available. Simply click the “Share & get 10% off” button to tweet about the book and save.

And from now until midnight on the 31st of March, I’ve set up a 20% off coupon for the book! If you want to buy it, click on the coupon link and enter the phrase FYVLAUNCH to get the book for 20% less. Simple as that.

I’m really interested in using Payhip for future digital releases. I will still be selling my ebooks in the Kindle Store, but will be exploring various possibilities for Payhip – and when my second book is released, I’ll be doing something very special… Watch this space!

Thanks for reading!

Nathan (@DrRyder and @VivaSurvivors)

PS - now available via Payhip!
PS – now available via Payhip!