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On Guest Posts

Unless this is the first post of mine that you’ve read, you’ll know two things about me: one is that I really enjoy writing things (and delivering workshops!) for postgraduate researchers, and the other is that I run the Viva Survivors Podcast. But these are not the only outlets I’ve had for communicating with researchers. In the past I’ve written a few pieces for various publications like the late GRADBritain, the former Vitae “What’s Up Doc?” blog and others. I thought it might be fun to go and look at these pieces – some of which are a few years old now, and share links to them in today’s post. As it happens, because of site restructuring I can’t find the pieces I’ve written for Vitae – if I look on my hard drive I’ll see if I can find my copies and share them soon – but in the mean time I’ve found links to a couple of others that I’ve written or been involved with.

And at the end of the post I want to make you an offer that you won’t refuse!

My Guest Posts and Appearances

Seven Cracking Creativity Tips – in early 2013 I was very fortunate to be involved in a Social Enterprise GRADschool in Manchester. There was a final day for the course that took place several months afterwards, and in the interim the course director, Dr Paul Spencer of UWE, asked if any of the facilitators would like to write an article for his blog The Digital Doctorate. The goal was to write something that would support GRADschool participants, but which also might be widely helpful too. This was what I shared!

Staying Focused & Motivated – around the same sort of time I wrote a piece on focus and motivation for Dr Nadine Muller‘s blog The New Academic. While I occasionally fall off the wagon and lose myself in work-work-work mode, most of the time I aim to follow the pointers in the article. As I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about planning and productivity in the last year, perhaps it’s time to revisit this post.

Essential Skills Training – in June 2013, Dr Ben Libberton of Literature Review HQ interviewed me for the podcast he has as part of that great site. This was partly to talk about the kind of work that I do, partly to promote the book that I’d released which he reviewed for Thesis Whisperer. It was great fun to take a break from interviewing and be the interviewee!

Coming Soon…

…to your site/podcast, if you want me! While I have a couple of writing projects to work on over the summer, and I have planning to do for future work, I also have a bit of time that I could spend writing guest posts for your site. If you’re a PhD blog, a resource for postgraduate researchers, a podcast looking for a guest or just after top tips or an opinion piece then get in touch – either in the comments here, over on Twitter or by emailing me.

There’s a limited availability on this, of course, so I could only commit to four or five pieces. My calendar is busy for a lot of July, so I probably wouldn’t get around to writing until August. But those caveats aside, get in touch and I’ll do it 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Nathan (@DrRyder and @VivaSurvivors)