Book Reviews Please!

I Need You!

Have you read either of my books? If you have, would you consider posting a review on Amazon or on your blog? If you do, and send me a screengrab or a link that proves you’re the author, I’ll send you a 50% off code to my books on Payhip – you can either buy a copy of a different book for yourself, or give the code to a friend so that they can give one or both of my current books a try.

This isn’t a limited time offer, or limited to the first five people or whatever, although it would be great to get some reviews up there soon. Over the last two years I’ve sold nearly 1000 copies of my books – not bad going for a self-published author! As I look towards the autumn and publishing my next books, I want to do things that will help the chances of my next project being something that connects with people. Reviews and opinion help that.

So, if you’ve read one or both of my books, and if you have time, could you pen me a short review? It doesn’t have to be a blow-by-blow account of what you think, just something which says why you liked it (or didn’t! But I really hope that you did) and what you think. Write that, post it on Amazon or on your blog, send me a screengrab or link and I’ll send you a 50% code for you to use or give to a friend, with my sincere thanks. Simple as that!

If you’re planning on submitting reviews on Amazon:

  • Fail Your Viva is in the UK Kindle Store here;
  • The Viva: Who? What? How? is in the UK Kindle Store here.

Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you soon!

Nathan (@DrRyder and @VivaSurvivors)