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Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk

Today I want to share a video that I’ve found really helpful in the last few years. Amy Cuddy‘s TED Talk, Your body language shapes who you are, has had a big impact on how I go about preparing to present things. The idea that practising poses of confidence can help you to feel more confident is really intriguing – the fact that according to the evidence it seems to be a real effect is astounding.

The video is just below, and after that I’ll share how I use it in what I do.

I’ve been sharing the power pose in viva preparation workshops for about a year now, and it does a lot in the sessions to make people smile – it feels a little silly to encourage 25 people to stand up and pose like Wonder Woman! – but afterwards I hear back from participants and colleagues who have tried it and who feel better when they present, or go into meetings.

I’ve been using it myself before workshops too: even if I am sat down I will straighten up, focus on my breathing, and imagine myself to be stood as tall and straight as I can. Practice presenting and doing things obviously helps; but I like the idea that there are simple things that can be done to improve one’s performance.

If you do any simple things, either to help with presenting, feeling confident – or anything really! – then let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Nathan (@DrRyder and @VivaSurvivors)

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