Interesting Things, May 18th 2015

A few weeks back I did the first of these regenerated round-up posts. A lot has happened since then, not least of which I published my second book. I also had a busy couple of weeks, working on the Manchester GRADschool and a First Year Development Workshop at Liverpool. With finishing a project like publishing a book, my brain is at once happy that it’s done, sad that it’s over and curious to know what I’ll be working on next. As a way to try and wrap things up I wrote a couple of posts about writing The Viva: Who? What? How? last week that you might be interested in. Meanwhile, elsewhere…

Links and Posts

Dream. Dump. Map. Chunk. – a good overview of a productivity process. A long-ish read, some familiar thoughts, but worth a look. I think that even if you know your GTD from your Kanban, you’ll find something of interest here.

What’s it like to be finished? – a guest post on the Thesis Whisperer, and one that stirred a lot of memories for me. It’s great to finish your PhD…isn’t it? I can imagine that this post will resonate with a lot of PhD graduates. It’s something to bear in mind whatever stage you might be in the PhD process.

10 Habits of highly productive writers – an overview of things to tell yourself if you want to write lots and write well. Habits are where my brain is at lately… What do “good” habits mean, how can we use them for change, and so on. This is a nice collection of things for writing.

To overcome an irrational fear… – a short, sweet, great idea from Seth Godin. More habit stuff.

Episode 40: Dr Chloe Sharp – the latest episode of the Viva Survivors Podcast. Still amazing to think that I’ve got to the 40th episode. I’ve also just up a post requesting people to get in touch who would like to be on a future episode. I’m hoping to record between six and ten episodes between now and mid-June. If you’d like to be involved then please email me!

Right Here, Right Now

I’m away for the start of this week, facilitating on a KESS Grad School in South Wales, and then I’m back up to the North West to deliver a Viva Survivor workshop. I have a couple of weeks free then, so I’ll be starting a couple of projects – my next book for one, and probably the next phase of my research into the viva too. Thanks to everyone who has either bought my latest book or shared it with someone.

And, as ever, thanks for reading!

Nathan (@DrRyder and @VivaSurvivors)

PS: New Book!