Interesting Things, April 27th 2015

I used to do a fortnightly round-up of things that I had been sharing or things that I had seen whilst on my travels, and then I stopped doing that. I think it would be a mistake (for now at least) to promise to do that regularly again, so instead I’ll start this irregular series of posts: Interesting Things. The condition for sharing things in these posts is that the thing I’m sharing interests me (or it’s something I’m doing, because I like talking about myself sometimes!).

Links and Posts

Supervisor or superhero? – I loved this post from the Thesis Whisperer when I first read it earlier in April. I think that it says a lot about what to expect from a good supervisor, and packages it all up in a great way. Rupert Giles as the ideal supervisor reminds me of a series of posts that I meant to write some time ago with various fictional characters as PhD supervisors…

Ways to beat a creative block – slightly NSFW maybe, Warren Ellis provokes, confuses and beats your creative block out of the way. Ideas on what to do if you’re stuck.

looking after number one – is it time to change the way you change? – a great piece by Sarah Bell for Think Ahead Sheffield; this is one of many pieces on change and productivity, habits vs goals and so on that have been rattling around my head lately. Sarah’s post is really accessible and helpful, go read it!

Forget Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead. – one of the other articles I’ve read recently which has been quite useful for helping me think about changes, doing things better by having good habits rather than big goals.

A new acronym for habit-building – my post from last week. Can you sense a theme behind some of my recent reading and writing???

Viva Survivors Podcast, Episode 39 – brand new episode of the podcast! It’s been a while since I’ve shared episodes over here, so it might be worth checking out the archive to see if there are any that you’ve missed.

Right Here, Right Now

In recent weeks I’ve been in Bangor, in Liverpool, in Sheffield – all over really – doing various viva preparation sessions and First Year Development Workshops. This week I am a facilitator on the Manchester GRADschool, which is really exciting and I can’t wait to see what interesting things will come up on course! Stay tuned to this blog for more posts this week, which I am hoping will be of great interest to you…

Thanks for reading!

Nathan (@DrRyder and @VivaSurvivors)