quick thought

Meanwhile, over on the Viva Survivors Podcast

Hello! I’m away at the moment working on a local Grad School as part of the KESS programme, so I’m not here to write anything.

(how is this being written…? Isn’t technology wonderful!)

So what really happened is I was preparing to go away and thought “Oh noes! I didn’t prepare a post for while I was away!”

So today I’m just crosslinking to the Viva Survivors Podcast, where there is a brand new episode up now, featuring Dr Helen Kara. It was really good fun talking to Helen, and she has some great advice to share with PhD candidates – and for postgraduate researchers in general. There’s also a recent post from me talking about the goals of the podcast for the next year, and on 26th January there’ll be another new episode, so look out for that.

That’s all for today, another short post on Wednesday, but hopefully something more substantial on Friday.

Thanks for reading!

Nathan (@DrRyder and @VivaSurvivors)